What can you expect from Fikty?

We offer for those who want a beautiful love, and do not want to spend many years in their search, connect with the right people to fill their lives with that perfect soulmate, of smiles, of adventures, of that shine of security in their eyes.

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Why Fikty?

•we know what it is to have more than a thousand matches, but not match with anyone, everyone become online friends, just friends who nothing in common.

•We understand how difficult it is to match with the right person , find the love, the true love...

•We know how frustrating it is to pretend to date with more people. spend a lot of time and money on that.


We live surrounded by thousands people in social networks, but we only CHAT with 3 people in a year. meaning : you can chat everyone, but you only match with three people, This is a fact.

How many years are you willing to use to Match with the right people?

we offer instant Match with the right people in SO ONLY A SECONDS! a very Speed Dating
filtering thousands to millions of people.

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Technical characteristics

The Gold free

Technical characteristics:

• Instant Match Musical
• "like you" unlimited
• Chat with people from all over the world ("tumble")
• "Regret", possibility of reversing your decision by passing a person's photo.
• 10 "Super Stars" in the day, you have more chances to match the person that interests you.

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